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Generally, I think we’ll be running with something fairly traditional here – which is really my invitation for anyone to mix things up with their characters as they please – with an emphasis on tradition and history. The world of play will be centered around an old trading town called Dagport – once a wealthy port town, but now more of a layover for merchants traveling up and down the coast – as well as the Goldwater Valley to the north of town.

Goldwater Valley, also known as Dragon’s Pass, used to be the gateway to a dragon’s stronghold buried in the mountains above. The red dragon who occupies those mountains used to be a powerful figure and valued trading partner for the town, but has been mysteriously silent for the past 100 years or so. As a result, the valley has become quiet and insignificant, even more so than the town below.

Magic levels are high but not omni-present, racial diversity is fairly high from being a stopover town on a coastal traderoute, and politics are pretty stable in the region, causing the number of adventurers and free-peoples to blossom over the past few decades. Adventuring is a fairly well-respected profession, but by this time most adventurers have to travel a decent way to find something fresh.

Within this world, I’d like everyone to be playing as students of an ex-adventurer, Master Swordsman and Journeyman of the Golden Mystery, Elian of Dagport (Fighter 2/Wizard 3). A well respected adventurer of the previous generation, he offers training from a farmstead he owns on the edge of town. Players have been training with him for some time (or have been sent to train with him from a different mentor of their choosing) and he has organized a trip to Goldwater Valley where a series of final tests will prove your worth as adventurers. In this regard, I see this is as a story of beginnings, and the relaions between people’s beginnings.

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