Queen's Highway

Dagport is one of several cities along an ancient coastal road that stretches from the southeast to the northwest across the region. The road has existed for many centuries, but took on its current name and form during a prosperous time period approximately 260 years ago, when the last member of the Murien dynasty ruled the kingdom. She commissioned extensive infrastructure projects and used her lords to extend the economic influence of the kingdom. She gave special favor to Dagport during this time and relished the treasures unearthed from Pyvian’s lair.

After this queen’s untimely death, no heir was apparent to the throne and the current period of The Ageless Regent began. The lords have been stripped of their powers and centralized power has declined within the kingdom, as an elven regent manages the state’s affairs. This regent has been incredibly skilled at maintaining stability within the kingdom despite nearly 250 years of regency. Cities and free economic powers have taken center stage within the political sphere of the kingdom, and this has given extra freedoms to free-people and adventurers wandering up and down the Queen’s Highway.

Towns North of Dagport

Towns South of Dagport

Lamb’s Head

Queen's Highway

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