Goldwater Valley

Dragon’s Pass; The Pitted Wood

Once the gateway to the dragon Pyvian’s mountain stronghold, the Goldwater Valley has for the past hundred years abandoned itself to relative obscurity, even more so than Dagport below.

Geographically, the valley is thickly forested with grey-green conifers and becomes increasingly rugged as it narrows into a small mountain cut at its northern end. A long history of geothermal activity has left the valley covered in torn, limestone caves and bubbling hot springs. The region has stabilized itself to a certain degree, but the fragility and unpredictability of the landscape mean that roads in the northern section of the valley have never lasted long; by now most are totally impossible to navigate. Streams throughout the valley collect into the Goldwater River, which pours southward to the sea. The river and its tributaries often disappear suddenly under the ground before emerging again at a lower elevation from the limestone caves throughout. The southern end of the valley rises quickly from the coastal plain to the valley bottom, featuring a substantial set of waterfalls and quick ascensions on the difficult trip upwards.

Beyond the town of Boen, the valley is populated primarily by fur trappers and hunters. There was a period in which the Goldwater served as a haven for the lawless, but these bandits were largely dissipated by a group of adventurers two decades ago.

Places of Interest

Boen – Several miles from the southern end of the valley sits the village of Boen. It is considered to be a bond-village of Dagport, but maintains a high level of autonomy due to its lack of contact with the coastal plain below. It contains a small population bound to the land as well as an inn and a shrine to the local deity Vuynir.
Vuynir’s Pit – The northern end of the valley is pitted with massive holes that connect via an extensive cave network. The greatest of these holes is known as Vuynir’s Pit and bores an unmeasured distance downward beneath the earth while stretching hundreds of paces across.

Goldwater Valley

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