Gate of the Goldwater; Queen’s Market

Situated at the head of the Goldwater Valley, Dagport has traditionally been known as a grand transfer point of wealth for the surrounding region. The city controls the flow of all goods to and from the lair of the dragon Pyvian and for a time bejeweled itself with the luxuries it obtained as regulator of the treasures and artifacts exchanged. However, in the hundred years since the dragon’s disappearance, no gold has flown down from Dragon’s Pass and no trades have been made within the town’s vaulted market halls. Dagport survives as a stopover along the Queen’s Highway – its greatest storehouses and market halls now converted to inns and stabling – but trade ships seek out better opportunities to the north and south.

Organizations within Dagport

Offices of the Mayor – Dagport, as a royal trades-town, is run by an appointed mayor. The mayor selects officers and stewards for the town and its surrounding lands. Royal laws are enforced by the offices of the mayor and the mayor is invested with the power to create their own laws within the land.
The Golden Mystery – A cult (not an evil cult) dedicated to the acquisition of fortune and the appeasement of the supernatural. It is largely a social organization within Dagport that connects certain important members of the community between different spheres.
Masters of the Vaulted Halls – An antiquated collection of families that own (or once owned) the great market halls of Dagport.

Places of Interest in Dagport

Bridgeman’s Farmstead – a farmstead across the river at which Elian of Dagport trains future adventurers. Its owner, Hyle the Bridgeman, is also the keeper of the town’s southern bridge.
The Vaulted Markethalls – several great halls throughout the city, the only places in which external trade could traditionally be conducted within the city. With the death of major trade within the city, most have been leased, converted, or abandoned.


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