The town of Boen contains about 80 people, largely farmers and shepherds, who have lived on the land for many generations. The town shrunk with the rise of bandits within the valley thirty years ago, but has slowly begun to build itself back up. The center of the town is characterized by a few old stone buildings around which several layers of dilapidated wall and picket have accrued over time. For the past ten years, it has been uncommon for the gates to close though, even at night.

Many of the town’s buildings were built during the high point of trading with Pyvian, and as such have seen better days. The town’s inn has largely transformed into a headquarters and meeting point for the trappers and woodsmen who do not belong to the town, while the shrine of Vuynir has grown into the primary administrative & social center of the town. Many of the buildings beyond the town’s old line of defense have collapsed, and it has only been in the past decade that makeshift attempts have been made to reclaim them.

Beyond the central area of Boen, shepherds and farmers cultivate small plots in nearby fields, never straying far from the village. The town is technically administered by a steward, but it is obvious that this person takes a hands off approach in their management of the people. There is a steward’s cottage about a half mile up hill from the town, but it has been abandoned for a long time.

People of Boen

Narissa the Innkeeper – a young lady who has figured out how to take full advantage of the fur trappers and free-people who are trying to make a living in her valley.
Old Grup – one of the town’s elders, Grup is one of the primary decision makers and arbiters of conflict within Boen.


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