Berik Stormwall

Self-exiled priest,


short black hair, a tad chunky but only in the belly. Pretty tall, about 5’ 8’’. Priest robes over scale mail, plain metal shield with mace. No markings of family.


I was all set you know.

My family was relatively new to money, living in an old seat. Vines weaved around cracked grey stone pillars, mostly cut by Garren from the thin wall surrounding the complex. I spent most of my time in the thick-squat stone chapel, doing what my father wanted me to. At a young age he said I’d make a fine priest, sent me down to work under Ostoros about 8 years ago. A few more years, and I would have been a full-fledged member of the clergy. Ostoros was teaching me how to preach well, and I could handle morning sermon practically all on my own. My family was proud of what I was doing, which is all that mattered. Probably would have met a nice girl down the road, maybe not it wouldn’t have mattered to me much.

Things have to be different now though.

It’s hard to keep steadfast on a path you know is fundamentally wrong, and everything changed with the dream. I saw a being both beautiful and terrifying, a god I knew at once. A gargantuan being, larger than I have ever seen stood before me, charged blue scales armoring its body like those crafted from the walls of a hurricane. We shared no words, but it was like someone just took what I believed, my religion, my views and sundered them to oblivion. Where was the god I learned was the true god? why had he not come to me, believing in it since I could read and a devoted servant these past 8 years? my faith not only wavered, it completely imploded. I felt obligated to trust a god that would show me its face, I felt it was impossible to serve the god I once did. I awoke excited, but with a burdened heart. I could not tell my family I decided to leave the clergy when I was so close on the whim of a dream. I could not tell them I no longer believed in the god we all served overnight, I could hardly believe it too. I wrote a tear-stained note trying to explain what I could, I grabbed some of my belongings, and headed out the side gate that morning. I hope they can forgive me, and I hope I’m not wrong. I’m heading to Dagport, maybe someone there can tell me more about what I’ve seen, or will actually believe me.

Berik Stormwall

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