What’s happening here.

I’m going to get this wiki up and running, and it will operate as the hub for organizing the game and material. I encourage people to not only be working on characters (and even feel free to add your character to the character section of the wiki!), but also to have a hand in constructing and fleshing out the world. The general rule here should be don’t contradict what other people are saying, and I am happy to arbitrate all conflicts that emerge (there’s also a forum in case people want to talk about something world related – or anything else for that matter!). I also would like to maintain a certain level of fiat, but you all know I’m a flexible draconian.

So, go ahead and get started reading over things in the main page, and then I would suggest you start with creating a character page for your character. That might prompt future entries about world-knowledge related to your character, and there is a forum to start discussions on any topics we desire. We’ll be in full communication as this develops, but let’s get to it!

Shadows of Gold

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