The town of Tullochmore is a small, sparsely populated village along a road that leads from the Queen’s Highway off through the hills and into the mountains, far to the west of Goldwater Valley. The town is settled mostly by halflings and humans, though it has attracted a few other folk who have been welcomed into the community. Tullochmore stands about a half a day’s journey between larger towns, south to the settlement thriving along the highway, and northwest to a Dwarven town at the base of the mountains. The town isn’t a major stop along the road, though enough people pass through that it has a dedicated stables for passersby and the local hunters to use. Anyone traveling would find a tavern with a room that could be made to accommodate someone, but no proper inn. The town supports itself with a few farms and some crafts are peddled at the nearby towns for any goods they cannot produce themselves. Such trade has picked up in the past year, following a series of poor hunts.

Tullochmore has no guards or general law enforcement, but anyone suspected of doing disservice to the community can be taken before the town’s elder, Ciannait Cloudheart, an old halfling lay priestess. The town trusts their elder’s wisdom and judgment, which she casts with careful consideration. If someone’s actions threaten more than just the town, an official from the kingdom will be called in, but one can suspect that this happens only rarely. Any physical resistance put to the town would be dealt with by the hunters and anyone brave enough to stand up for the community, but for a township full of halflings, Tullochmore seems a bit timid. Ciannait is about to enter her third half-century, and the town has begun to prepare for her inevitable passing.

People of Tullochmore

Ciannait Cloudheart – The towns elder. An old, halfling lay priestess.

Neve and Felim Maresbreath – Halfling owners of the local stables.

Aislinn Maresbreath, daughter of Neve and Felim, is from Tullochmore.


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