Karmizicervoni Garjhan

You know what just call me Gary


Gary didn’t ask for any of this. Adventuring is tiresome, sweaty, and thankless. Gary’s a numbers guy, always has been, and his folks used to tell him when he grew up he’d be able to help manage the clan’s books. But apparently you don’t need an accountant if all the columns are just going to have zeroes.

Instead, as luck would have it, being one of the only clan members of adventuring age, Gary has been tasked with getting himself some training and striking out into the world to find new money making opportunities – or to confront Pyvian directly and ask why he’s abandoned his own descendants to poverty. Only once the gold is rolling in again will Gary be allowed to return to the clan hall and take his rightful place at a desk.

Gary is generally sullen and frustrated. No one’s really sure what he was like before he was “drafted”, as he puts it, but it’s hard to imagine he was a paragon of joy and charisma. Though not skittish or cowardly, he loathes combat, and has resisted both practicing his swordplay and choosing another method of attack. It’s fairly common to find him squinting at pages tacked inside his shield during exercises. Sometimes they’re bits of newspaper, sometimes financial reports from the clan, and sometimes they’re blank sheets he uses for taking notes and working out new equations. The man never seems to be without a writing implement.

As far as he’s concerned, the sooner this unfortunate chapter of his life can be over, the better.

-Knowledge is the one true path to power, respect, and fulfillment, and I must not relent in its pursuit, nor miss an opportunity to help another find it.
-The elders’ reverence for Pyvian is critically misplaced; he has abandoned us to poverty and failure and cannot be trusted.

-Gary didn’t attend Golden Mystery meetings often, but as times got tougher and tougher for the clan, the elders decided that they should put their best foot forward. It speaks to the severity of the situation that Gary was that foot; young, strong, and smart, he was essentially their only choice. He met Sidvoniel at one of these gatherings. She spoke eloquently no matter the subject, his equal in every realm of learning. It took three meetings for the glitter of beauty and good conversation to wear off and for the depth of her prejudices to come to the foreground, leaving Gary with a better understanding of magic, near fluent Elvish, and even more bitterness.
-Surprising no one, Gary has very positive memories of his first math teacher, Jhishann. An elder of the clan, Jishi has removed herself from the rigors of business operations, and spends most of her days doing light gardening and heavy reading. However, she is still called on to do her familial duty when a particularly bright pupil crops up; decades of experience and an intelligence untouched by the passing of time has made her an irreplaceable teacher. Gary remembers their lessons with intense fondness, and whenever he is home, Jishi is first on his list to get a visit for tea.

Karmizicervoni Garjhan

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