Shadows of Gold

Into the Goldwater Valley

In preparation for a two week excursion of extended testing in the Goldwater Valley, the party (Aislinn (Ash) Maresbreath, Alder Willowheart, Berik Stormwall, Karmizicervoni Garjhan, and Qara Danashri) under the guide of their mentor, Elian of Dagport, discussed briefly the trip ahead of them. Qara and Berik brushed up on their unarmed combat with a sparring match that was quickly resolved in favor of Berik. Ash required some extra assurance from Elian that she was ready for the trip.

The party departed Dagport, beginning the seven hour journey up river to the North Fort. After briefly and quietly sharing dinner (pickled beef and oat soup) with the garrison of 2 of the 4 soldiers that keep watch at the dilapidated structure, Elian insisted they continue on for the night. After ascending the slippery roads around Goldwater falls in darkness, the party pushed on through the deathly silent woods. The night went largely without incident, but the party was greatly exhausted by its end.

In the last shadows of the previous evening, a strange figure appeared on the road before the party, but none could determine what it was (not even wise Elian). The entire party however, is suspicious that it is related to the rumors of dark spirits that partially prompted the excursion.

Shortly after, the party made it to Boen, where they encountered the innkeeper Narissa, her husband Barver, and their daughter Gailey. During the short rest that Elian permitted in the town, Alder made acquaintance with a wood elf named Justinian, Gary drew a map, Ash had a strange encounter with Narissa (who seemed strangely fond of and welcoming towards the halfling), and Qara discovered that Elian is officially the steward of the Goldwater Valley.

The party then continued their march (successfully avoiding the elders of the town), and -after too many hours of marching on weary feet – selected a campsite along the road to operate as their temporary base of operations. Ash expressed her suspicions of Narissa to Elian, and Berik revealed his opinion of dragons as divine creatures to Gary during a conversation of the ancient dragon scale Berik possesses.

An opportunity for rest was finally given, but during its last hours was woefully interrupted by the screams of a terrorized trapper. All but Gary rushed quickly to the trappers aid against five wolves with blood-red faces who were dragging him into the night. A battle ensued, and the wolves were quickly dispatched. Qara suffered a nasty injury to her leg, but Berik was able to provide magical healing before the wound developed into something that might have required more attention.


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